In 2010, I created a one million euro fund for the defense of civil freedom.

7 years later, I am still paying the fines of women who freely choose to wear the Niqab in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Holland. In a few days, I’ll start in Austria.

To date, I have paid 1522 fines, representing 300 000 € including legal expenses.

On the occasion of the 7th anniversary of the anti-Niqab law in France, I’ll pay the 1289th French fine in Marseille on October 10th, and I’ll pay the 1290th fine in Paris on October 11th.

I intend to also pay the fines in Austria, with the law that was passed on October 1st.

In this regard, despite the recent violent assault I was subject to in France, I came specially to Vienna, Austria this Monday October 9th at 12 noon, wearing a Venetian mask in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to receive the 1st fine.

I remind the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Sebastian Kurz, that « to pay a fine is the most sincere demonstration of respect for Austrian law ». Vienna is the capital of great balls.

I would like to re-state that I am personally against the use of the Niqab. My wife, who is American, does not wear the Hijab, or the Niqab.

But as a disciple of the philosopher Voltaire, I shall do everything to enable women who freely wear the niqab, to continue to wear it if they so wish.

Moreover, these women, 66% of which are of European descent and converts, pose no danger, either for the security of the territory, or for the freedom of other citizens around them.

I defend the freedom to wear the niqab as well as the freedom not to wear it.

When in September 2013, a woman was scheduled to be flogged in public, in Sudan, because she had refused to wear the HIJAB, I was the only person to travel to Khartoum to defend her cause to the Sudanese authorities. And they listened to me… the woman was not flogged.

I do not defend principles according to variable geometry; I defend ALL CIVIL FREEDOMS, Bikini, or Burkini, or Niqab.

I am not defending Islam, because I am neither an Imam, or Theologian.

I am first and foremost an Activist for the Universal human rights of women and men.


Rachid Nekkaz




  1. Mr Nekkaz ,thanks a lot for this clarification .
    your philosophie is in tune with civil liberties and the declaration of human rights .
    everyone should be free to live their lives as they wishe provided they respect others and the laws of the land . Everyone should strive to defend the fondamentals of liberty ,equality and fraternity.
    respect and understanding should be the basis of a harmonious society far for all extremisms and violence .

  2. CPI
    Saïd Bouteflika est un drogué accro à la cocaïne qui gouverne le pays.
    Bouteflika est un criminel, Prix Nobel du Crime, ouyahia pareil.
    L’Algérie est gouvernée par les occidentaux, les Algériens sont traités comme des esclaves.
    Le Régime est mafieux.
    Président de la Fédération Musulmane Berbère Amazigh.
    Mohamed Nassim Bouhedli.
    Auto Defense oblige defender
    Les régimes arabes tues aux noms et pour le compte des usa france sionistes etc.

  3. Azul Fellawen ;
    Je vais agrandir ma fédération musulmane berbère amazigh inshaa’Allah.
    -Hymne National Berbère
    -Monnaie Berbère
    -Reconnaissance de la Fédération Musulmane Berbère Amazigh auprès des nations unies.
    Et Fuck les Régimes américains, français, et algériens
    Des polonais découvrent le drapeau berbère

    Monsieur Mohamed Nassim Bouhedli


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