Rachid Nekkaz and Nora Illy were at the Locarno city center Friday 1 July at 11 AM to inaugurate the liberticidal Anti-Niqab law

Rachid Nekkaz and Nora Illy were at the Locarno city center Friday 1 July at 11 AM to inaugurate the liberticidal Anti-Niqab law and to generate the First € 9 200 fine.



Rachid Nekkaz, the Algerian politician and human rights activist committed while in Locarno in December 2015 to pay all Anti-Niqab fines in Switzerland. He has honored his commitment by coming again to Locarno last Friday 1 July at 11am.


An anti-Muslim implementation date

The random reality of this year’s calendar has resulted in July 1st not only being a Friday (the holy prayer day for muslims) but a Friday also falling into the holy month of Ramadan (this year being from June 7th to July 6, 2016).

By choosing this date, the message of the Swiss canton of Ticino results in a very symbolic and direct attack on all peace-loving Muslims around the world.

Fines paid in Europe

Rachid Nekkaz has already paid 1035 fines in France 261 fines in Belgium, 2 fines in Holland, totaling in 243 000 €, paid from the fund of one million euros created in July 2010.

Neutralizing the Anti-Niqab law

Rachid Nekkaz’s objective is to neutralize the implementation of the freedom-killing law throughout Europe, by paying the fines and in this way guaranteeing free movement to women who freely, peacefully and personally choose to wear it.

For a Partial Ban of the wearing of a Niqab

Rachid Nekkaz would like to remind public opinion that he is personally against the use of the Niqab – but that he is favorable to the personal freedom required for wearing it.

He supports a ban on using the Niqab in enclosed public spaces (schools, banks, shopping centres) for security and identification reasons. Rachid Nekkaz is however favorable to the freedom of wearing a Niqab exclusively in the street, « the street being a universal space for personal freedom in our free democracies ».

The objective of Rachid Nekkaz is also to give a lesson in democracy to all those European countries that have turned their backs to their enlightened heritage and tradition of defending the oppressed — As represented by the writings and thoughts of Protestant thinker John Calvin, who sought protection and refuge in Basel and Geneva, Switzerland, in 1541, and the Swiss philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778) who remains one of the strongest proponents of Liberty and Human Rights in the World.


Rachid Nekkaz

Web: www.nekkaz-mjc.com

Email: nekkaz.mjc@gmail.com


Rachid Nekkaz and Nora Illy were at the Locarno city center Friday 1 July at 11 AM to inaugurate the liberticidal Anti-Niqab law — 5 commentaires

  1. Nora Illy is a stupid bitch! She wants to encourage men to act against the law in the European countries, where they are getting benefits and support. I don’t understand why Moslems want to change those countries and why would they want to create the same what they had at home? Why would they want to create states without any freedom, without any supports, without any friendlyness? Illy could not walk around so freely in her Moslem home country and critize the government or the laws! She only can do that in Europe, because Europe is free! So why is she living in the Switzerland and not in her home country? I actually think that is not a woman, there is a silly man behind the curtain! Or maybe an extremely ugly woman who has to hide?

  2. Bonjour monsieur NEKKAZ,
    Je m’appelle BOUROUBI Mohamed Redha,j’habite à hassi messaoud wilaya de ouargla,je souhaiterai vivement vous contacter afin de devenir militant dans votre parti politique. Merci d’avance.

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